How will the art work be selected for the web site - a panel of artists or one person or is there no sifting process?


All artwork and artists placed on the site do go through a vetting process and we do have requirements for the digital images of your artwork that will be placed on the site e.g dimensions and quality. We do not however accept any ponographic material, but we accept artwork where the subject is in the Nude.

What sort of numbers of artists will you be representing?


Art365 is a marketplace for artists and crafters, we do not represent any artists, we are simply a means for artists to sell their work online through our website.

How will it be displayed?


The artwork is displayed on our store in the same manner that you typically see on various other online stores. However we do go the extra mile in that every product will have a small Biography about the artists on the product page and below that a list of the related work the artist is selling. All the products are grouped into a category and a subject the artwork is relating to. Each artist will also receive their own email address, unlimited free listings of the art you have for sale and your own homepage at

Who will be on the opening page, will that rotate?


Yes, we will be utilising a rotation system on a weekly basis as well as featuring a particular artist of the week as well as showcase of the most popular items and most sales items.

How do I as an artist get paid? Do I have to join a paypal or some such paying software?


All you need to get paid is a South African bank account. Currently we do not support Paypal as a payment method. We do however currently accept VISA and Mastercard as well as EFT and direct deposits as payments methods. Money from your sales is paid directly into your bank account typically 2-3 days after the sale as we need to do standard fraud prevention before we release any money.

What if the art is bought overseas - how do I ship it and will there be anything left after I insure and post?


If an item is purchased from an overseas buyer, we inform them of the shipping rate as this is calculated on a per item basis. The shipping rate is calculated on the weight of the item as well as the volumetric weight. The buyer then pays which ever amount is the highest. The buyer is repsonsible for the import duities and taxes at the shipping destination as well as the insurnace of the item. You are welcome to make use of any shipping agent, however we do reccommend either the South African Postal Service, Postnet/DHL or Courierit. Contact numbers can be provided on request.

How do I pack a canvas so it will not be damaged?


We have no set rules regarding packaging, we only insist that it is as secure as possible for the artwork to minimise damage. When submitting work to us you need to specify if the work is framed or unframed to accommodate the buyer expections. We suggest using, bubblerap together with Polystyrene chips in a secure cardboard box if the artwork is framed, and a cylyndrical artwork container if the work is unframed

How do you market your website for me to get maximum exposure?


We market our website in art publications, through other art websites as well as all the major search engines and shopping price comparison portals. We also plan to market our site through all social media like facebook, twitter and Google+

In what way are you different from other websites marketing art?


Our website is different beacuse we have placed showcasing the artists artwork above the design of the site. Our site looks beautifull but minimalistic at the same time. We make use of a one page checkout system for a faster checkout and payment and only give the buyer what they need. We believe in showcasing the artist and the artists work.

Will there be some sort of monthly or annual membership fees?


No, we do not charge an annual or monthly membership fee only a small commission on the sale of each item, currently 20%

What do I charge for postage?


Our website has a built in shipping module that will automatically calculate the shipping rate based on the weight of the item as well as the Volumetric Weight (the weight based on the dimensions of the item). That’s why we require the dimensions and weight of your artwork.


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